YOUR LANDING PAGE MADE EASY: is a sub-division of We have created a unique place on the Web for you to place any kind of landing page or pages without the hassle and expense of creating a complete website or the need to worry over an original domain name for your Special Event, your Big Sale, a Press Release or any kind of temporary (or not so temporary) landing page.

Let's say you need to advertise an upcoming event at your organization's annual festival, but don't want the event to get lost inside a large web presence: Contact us here at and we will quickly create a landing page called:


That's it. No worries about page design, special domain linking, interactive forms, etc. Typically your cost for this kind of page runs about $40-$50 complete, and runs for an entire month without further charge. Extended monthly charges are very low and get even lower the longer the page runs on our server.

Your custom landing page can be configured to send visitors to your payment portal if necessary, and usually contains an interactive form to collect responses from visitors and send that info directly to any e-mail addresses you desire.

We can set up the page any way you like -- make it splashy -- make it refined -- put photos, prices, discounts, have visitors order tickets or request special coupons. We can even set up videos for a little extra charge. 

Because we are a division of, we hope you will special order printed tickets for your event such as raffle tickets and entrance tickets -- and so many other event related materials such as small custom printed giveaway prizes, banners, temporary signage, tents, etc. Be sure to visit to see all we offer.